The Woodlands
Knock Knock--Booty Call (Dec 18, 2023 16:13:56 GMT)
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The upper class suburbs. These homes are large and beautiful with plenty of space for their yards, upscale features, and two or three car garages.
Town Hall
Chopin - Nocturne No. 20 (Apr 16, 2021 16:13:46 GMT)
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A beautiful government building with a fountain in front and shiny glass doors. The official workplace of the Town Council Representative and government employees. Also where you go to pay your parking ticket.
Fire Station
I'm Running Out of My Mind (Jan 12, 2024 19:22:15 GMT)
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The town's one fire station is equipped with one fire engine and a few smaller trucks. It might be quaint compared to larger towns but the firefighters have made it their home away from home, especially for those late, overnight shifts.
Sheriff Station
There's a New Sheriff in Town (Apr 26, 2024 22:15:55 GMT)
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A small station where the sheriff and his deputies work and jail people, when necessary. It's usually just filled with drunks who need to sleep it off or shoplifting teens.
North Arbor Apartments
You Rock, I Roll (Apr 11, 2024 19:55:58 GMT)
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Owned and run by the Vanderson family, the apartment complex sits in a great location: the center of town, smack dab in the middle of all the going ons.
Sweetwater Urgent Care
Perfect Paradise, Tearin' At The Seams (Apr 29, 2024 21:36:48 GMT)
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Too small for a hospital, Sweetwater has one doctor and a few nurses at the urgent care. This is where all checkups, flu shots, births, and broken arms are taken care of. Anyone in too serious of a condition will be sent to the next town over.
Tribune Headquarters
Not Just a Pretty Face (Mar 25, 2024 19:23:36 GMT)
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The headquarters of the tribune, 'where news happens'.
Aesthete Galeria & Studios
Life imitates art (May 29, 2024 13:54:45 GMT)
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Aesthete Galeria & Studios was built as Annika Straub came to town, sparing no expense when it came to the arts. The gallery spaces are well-lit with roof-top windows , warm wood flooring and deeper color tones. Combined with the marble columns and arched entry-ways, it certainly draws inspiration from the Renaissance. The works displayed are often a mix of original works from the local art scene as well as pieces from Straub’s partner. The studio spaces, in contrast, are more open with individual work spaces. Each space is allotted to each artist and is their space to do with as they will.
The Center of Town
This is the place people want to be! The center of town is the wealthiest part of Sweetwater, where the upper class folk live, and where the most important things get done. The streets are lined with benches and pots of flowers, enhancing that cute, small town feel.
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