Blissful Bodywork
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A massage parlor located in the shopping center with a calming, zen vibe.
Psychiatry Office
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The psychiatry office offers a healthy way to cope with mental illness or trauma and is even a great place for people who just want to better themselves. Patients are guaranteed to receive the best therapy & psychiatric care in Sweetwater, all in a completely open, confidential and judgement-free setting.
The Sweet Shoppe
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The best place to buy all things sweet. A combined bakery, ice cream shop, and candy store. Get your sweet tooth fix here!
Shopping Center
The continually growing shopping center is a popular spot for teens to hang out and spend the day. It includes a movie theater, Mexican restaurant called Los Diablos, a Dollar Tree, a hair and nail salon, a barber shop, the town's bank, the psychiatrist office, the veterinarian's office, and the local bar. There is ONE vacant shop still available to rent.
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