Fix-It Auto Shop
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The auto shop is owned by the Royce family and is the first shop you see as you come in to town making it easy for those with car trouble to have a place to get repairs done.
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There are a few different farms in town and different ones have seasonal sales as well, including the Bartlett Apple Orchard and Pumpkin Patch in the fall, and berry picking in the summer. There is also an equestrian center in the area where some of the wealthier folk board their horses. People can also take riding lessons or pay to go horseback riding through the trails nearby.
Country Homes
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The homes with the most land in the town, mostly inhabited by farmers and their families but also a few extravagant homes where some of the founders of the town live.
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Gorgeous any time of year, exploring the mountain is always a great way to get out into nature. There are many different trails and a couple different popular campsites as well.
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All of Sweetwater is surrounded by thick forest. It keeps the town quite private and quiet and the air is sweet and fresh.
Pine Lake
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Pine Lake is relatively small, small enough to see the entire thing from the shore, named for being surrounded by pines and the scent of pine in the air. It's a great place for fishing and has a small dock for canoes and kayaks. No motorized vehicles allowed.
Shadow Caverns
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Located about midway up the mountain, overlooking Pine Lake, are an extension of caves. Their depths have yet to be entirely discovered.
Hot Springs
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A series of about a half dozen hot springs in the outskirts of town. The temperature varies a bit between each pool but be careful on hot days when it can get too hot for safety.
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A flat, open expanse of land where the season fairgrounds are located. During the off season it simply remains empty.
The Outskirts
The area surrounding the town on all sides, being closed off from other towns and cities, it is mostly surrounded by vast expanses of nature.
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