West Haven
Surprise! You have a daughter! (Jun 14, 2024 19:15:25 GMT)
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A neighborhood of mid sized houses for the middle class sort of folk. All the houses look almost exactly the same with subtle changes in color. They all have small yards with fences.
I Think I’ll Take My Whiskey Neat (Jun 23, 2024 16:25:46 GMT)
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Located in the West Side of town, Purgatory is a popular bar and grill during the day but on Fridays and Saturdays at 10PM it becomes a club that is particularly popular with the college aged crowd. Witches, devils, and other dark creatures make up the subtle theme without being too in your face about it.
Dave's General Store
Don't I know you from somewhere? (Apr 11, 2024 22:32:02 GMT)
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THE place that everyone goes to buy their food. Dave's has a very good reputation and has been a staple of the town for decades.
Post Office
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Everyone loves getting mail! The post office is quite small and there is usually only one employee there at a time.
Rosie's Diner
But it’s the Sweetest Pain, Burnin’ Through My Veins (Jun 19, 2024 1:13:35 GMT)
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First named after the daughter of the original owner of the diner, Rosie's has become a town staple. It is the default location for dates and is everyone's first choice for food with friends. Don't forget to try the pie!
The Nook
I'm Gonna Smile My Best Smile (Apr 29, 2024 21:23:34 GMT)
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The Nook is a two story bookshop cafe with a very cozy vibe. It has soft lighting, comfy chairs, and a warm atmosphere. The cafe is on the ground floor with bookshelves and upstairs has most of the books along with cozy reading spaces for those who just want to relax. While books are for sale, it isn’t uncommon for folks to pick a book to read while they eat and then put it back when they leave. There's usually soft music playing through the shop. On Tuesday evenings, the shop is open later and the main floor is home to D&D and tabletop gaming night.
Shopping Center
Acts of Sedition (Jun 9, 2024 21:42:16 GMT)
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The continually growing shopping center is a popular spot for teens to hang out and spend the day. It includes a movie theater, Mexican restaurant called Los Diablos, a Dollar Tree, a hair and nail salon, a barber shop, the town's bank, the psychiatrist office, the veterinarian's office, and the local bar. There is ONE vacant shop still available to rent.
Motel 51
A Motel and a Lycanthrope. (Jun 23, 2024 16:00:14 GMT)
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Owned by the Irwin family, the motel was built about 7 years ago when the increased number of tourists needed somewhere to stay. It's simple and well-kept but far form being luxurious. The motel is great for a short stay...say, a night with a 'friend'. Good luck finding a room on prom night.
The Church
Stained and Shattered Glass (May 1, 2024 12:51:45 GMT)
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The church house that is shared by different religions is a beautiful white building with a steeple and stained glass windows.
The West Side
A nice part of town on the west side, it has a good reputation and is known to be safe and clean.
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