Sunny Heights Trailer Park
Broken up but Not Entirely Broken [FB] (May 14, 2023 12:34:44 GMT)
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Perhaps not the best reputation as far as places to live, but at least they manage the rats pretty well.
Flick Drive-In Theater
Friday Horror Movie Nite (May 2, 2023 14:49:30 GMT)
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Movies from 9pm to 1am every night except Tuesday. Don't forget about Horror Flick Friday.
Lakewood Park
under the moonlight [Milo] (May 8, 2021 14:19:00 GMT)
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A large park with a wooden playground, nature trails, and a open field with rusted soccer goals and an ironic name since it's nowhere near the lake. Quite popular with the young'uns as a place to get into trouble and light up a smoke.
Munchies Burgers
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Got the munchies? Munchies burgers is the most popular burger joint in Sweetwater. Just park and wait while your server (who is on roller skates, of course) brings your order to your window. Also famous for their seasonal milkshakes.
The Lament House
flaming hot cheetos (beaaaauuuu) (Apr 8, 2021 18:20:35 GMT)
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An old, white house with black shutters that looks like it's about to collapse. The Lament House had long been rumored to be haunted. People swear that they have heard sounds of moaning and grieving when walking past the broken windows. It has been uninhabited for many years.
Gas N' Go
Up to No Good (Mar 17, 2023 17:32:06 GMT)
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The best place to fill up your tank, and not bad hot dogs either. Half price frozen drinks on Wednesdays!
The South Side
An abandoned train track separates the south side of town from the west side and center of town. While still populated and visited, this part of town has a less than savory reputation.
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